Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Mahler Chamber Orchestra

At the closing concert of the »Frühling« in 2017, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Daniil Trifonov and Mikhail Pletnev caused standing ovations – a very good reason to invite the orchestra both for the opening and the final concert in 2018 The MCO – renowned for its passion and creativity – was founded in 1997 with the shared vision of being a free and international ensemble. The MCO is a nomadic collective of exceptional musicians, with 45 members of the core ensemble spanning 20 different countries and uniting for specific tours and projects in Europe and across the world.
It is governed collectively by its management team and orchestra board, and decisions are made democratically with the participation of all musicians.

Its core repertoire, which ranges from the Viennese classical and early Romantic periods to contemporary works and world premieres, reflects the orchestra’s agility in crossing musical boundaries.

The orchestra received its most significant artistic impulses from its founding mentor, Claudio Abbado, and from Conductor Laureate Daniel Harding. Pianist Mitsuko Uchida, violinist Isabelle Faust and conductor Teodor Currentzis are current Artistic Partners who inspire and shape the orchestra during long-term collaborations. In 2016, conductor Daniele Gatti was appointed Artistic Advisor of the MCO.

MCO musicians all share a strong desire to continually deepen their engagement with audiences. This has inspired a growing number of offstage musical encounters and projects that bring music, learning and creativity to communities across the globe. MCO musicians are equally committed to sharing their passion and expertise with the next generation of musicians: since 2009, they have, through the MCO Academy, worked with young musicians to provide them with a high quality orchestral experience and a unique platform for networking and international exchange.


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