Late Night Lounge presented by MLP: Kirill Richter

In cooperation with Frauenbad Heidelberg

Late Night Lounge presented by MLP: Thomas Enhco & Vassilena Serafimova

In cooperation  Frauenbad Heidelberg

€ 42 Frauenbad Triple
If you book at the same time the Frauenbad concerts on the same day at 7.00 pm (After Work Concert with Thomas Enhco & Quatuor Arod) and 9.00 pm (Quatuor Arod), you will receive a 25% discount. Book online here or by telephone: +49 (0)6221 – 584 00 44, Mon – Fri from 10am to bis 6pm (MET)



Christoph König, violin, viola
Maurice Maurer, violin
Miroslav Nisic, accordion
Matthias Hacker, double bass

A virtuous classic violinist with a predilection for Eastern European gipsy music; a jazz violinist experienced when it comes to punk rock; an accordionist, master of improvisation, with the rhythms of the Balkans running in his blood, and a bassist who likewise feels at home be it in symphony orchestras, jazz combos, or funk bands…

Founded in 2007, Uwaga! pleasurably steps across any borderline seperating genres. By doing so, their acoustic crossover repertoire reflects the individual focus of each of the four musicians. Yet, these focuses conflated, and over the years, a very unique sound emerged somewhere in between classical music, jazz, gipsy music and modern pop.

This is what provides worldwide successes of Uwaga! for years already: Exuberant musicality and stylistic open-mindedness.

Uwaga!, meanwhile for more than ten years, refines the concerted vision of a music without borderlines. Showing undampered diligence, they create music that makes people happy, sets out directly for their hearts, and makes their legs move.

The ensemble ‘s multi layered sound is orchestral as well as percussive. They perform as a quartet, but also with renowned symphony orchestras from Germany.

Ensemble This Ensemble That (ET|ET)

Different nationalities, different languages, different ages – exactly as the name reads. ‘This’ and ‘That’ describes the situations this quartet of percussionists encounter in their artistic practice.

It began perhaps with percussion repertoire, but evolved to multi-media performances like the “Beleuchtend” project, and found yet another a style leaning towards theater, from installation concerts with Jürg Frey and Michael Pisaro to a collaborative concert series (Flattersound) pointing to the creative, yet fluctuating interests of four twenty-first-century performers.

ET / ET has performed at the Lucerne Festival (Lucerne, Switzrerland), Tzill Meudcan (Tel Aviv, Israel), Blurred Edges (Hamburg, Germany), Trugschluss (Frankfurt, Germany), Instalakcje (Warsaw, Poland), Culturescapes (Basel, Switzerland), Festival Carola Bernola (Vittoria, Spain) , Percussione Temporanea (Reggio Emilia, Italy), as well alongside the Percussions de Strasbourg (Strasbourg France). In 2015, ET|ET was named “Artist in Residence” at the Musikfestival Bern, in Bern, Switzerland. Their concert series, “Flattersound,” features 4 curated concerts with guests from the Winter of 2015 to the Summer of 2016

ET|ET is
Brian Archinal
Victor Barceló
Miguel Ángel García Martín
Bastian Pfefferlinttt