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How »Frühling« reacts to the latest Corona regulations

Heidelberger Frühling is already planning two major events at the beginning of the year: The Heidelberg String Quartet Festival at the end of January, which is already sold out, and the biennial International Song Competition »Das Lied«. Due to the current development, digital alternative offers will be created with the media partners for the String Quartet Festival in case the events have to cancelled. In addition, the advance sale for the competition »Das Lied« will NOT start next Monday: Such a dense competition week with consistently 8-hour preliminary rounds and a final of several hours in front of an audience actually present would not be justifiable from the current perspective. However, since 2017 the competition has been offered via livestream, which has been very well received by a local and international audience of Lied enthusiasts even in the corona-free past.

Advance sale starts

The advance sale for the 2021 Heidelberger Frühling starts today. In order to comply with the pandemic-related event requirements and safety regulations, ticket sales currently cover around 30% of the usual seating capacity. Tickets are available in the Webshop (see Calendar & Tickets), by telephone on +49 6221 584 00 44 (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm) and at all known advance booking offices. The advance sale for the 2021 String Quartet Festival begins on 16 November.

Festivalprogramm 2021

The Heidelberger Frühling 2021 will take place from 20 March to 18 April 2021 and will celebrate its 25th birthday. A total of 127 events in 19 venues are on the program for this anniversary season. The 25th edition of Heidelberger Frühling has the motto »FESTspiel« and, over the four weeks of the festival, will focus on this topic from different perspectives. Guests are mainly artists who have been involved in the Heidelberger Frühling as companions over the past 25 years: Jörg Widmann, Martin Grubinger, Igor Levit, Thomas Hampson, Thomas Quasthoff, Gabriela Montero and Anna Lucia Richter, among others. Tickets are available from 2 November.

New Faces

Heidelberger Frühling announces two new colleagues: Annett Baumeister is head of the »Art and Innovation« division and, in consultation with director Thorsten Schmidt, is responsible for the program of Heidelberger Frühling, Heidelberg String Quartet Festival and the concert series »Chamber Music Plus« as well as the events of the International SongCentre Heidelberg. Previously she was the leading concert planner at Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Christian Eckhardt will become Commercial Director of Heidelberger Frühling gGmbH from October 1, 2020. He is drawn from the Elbe to the Neckar: until the end of last season he was Administrative Director and Deputy Director of the Dresden Music Festival and successfully promoted the development of the festival under the direction of cellist Jan Vogler.

Enjoy Jazz

Heidelberger Frühling and cooperates with its colleagues from Enjoy Jazz for two concerts. The Festival begins tomorrow, 2 October 2. On 18 October, pianist and composer Hermann Kretzschmar, member of the Ensemble Modern, will perform his »Beethoven Scan«, a radically shortened version of the 32 Beethoven Sonatas. On 9 November, the young pianist Johanna Summer will perform jazz improvisations on compositions by Robert Schumann. Both events take place at Alte Feuerwache Mannheim. Tickets at www.enjoy-jazz.de.

Spenden an Künstler ausgeschüttet

On the occaion of the »Zukunftsmusik fundraising campaign«, a total of 104,206 euros has been deposited in the account of the Heidelberger Frühling Foundation – many thanks to all donors! This sum has already been distributed to 231 artists – from solo artists to chamber orchestras – who could apply for support. »Far more than financial support: it is a great esteem«, says singer Benjamin Appl. After the cancellation of 2020 Heidelberger Frühling due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Heidelberger Frühling Foundation asked for donations for this year’s festival artists who got into financial difficulties due to concert cancellations.

»Kammermusik Plus« tickets available

Tickets for the 2020/21 season of the »Kammermusik Plus« series are now available. Due to the great demand for subscriptions (still bookable), there are only a few tickets left for all nine concerts in the 3rd and 4th categories. All events will be held in compliance with the then applicable assembly regulations due to the pandemic crisis. The Viano Quartet will open on 15 September. We look forward to welcoming you again!

Heidelberg Music Conference 2020

Save the date! The 7th Heidelberg Music Conference will take place on 12 and 13 November 2020. Under the title »What Now? In Search of Tomorrow’s Relevance«, the Heidelberger Frühling invites participants to negotiate together, after months of collective distance and individual crisis management, what concerns us all, in a (self-)critical, visionary and solution-oriented manner. Does the cultural industry need an update? Do we need new synergies, new formats or other questions? Are the framework conditions for the production of culture (spaces) still valid? Further information on location, programme & guests will be provided at a later date. The event takes place under the then applicable regulations, registration starts on 14 September 2020.

Kammermusik Plus 2021

Das Programm der Saison 2020/21 der Abo-Reihe »Kammermusik Plus« ist veröffentlicht. Den Saisonauftakt macht am 15. September 2020 das Viano Quartet aus Kanada. Zu Gast sind außerdem Pianist Adam Laloum, Trio Zadig, Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov, Gitarrist Friedemann Wuttke & Mandelring Quartett, Cellist Friedrich Thiele & Pianistin Naoko Sonoda, Pianistin Elisabeth Leonskaja, Trio Catch und Armida Quartett. Die geplanten Veranstaltungen werden unter Einhaltung der dann geltenden Versammlungsregelungen aufgrund der Pandemie-Krise sowie eines Hygiene- und Schutzmaßnahmenkonzepts durchgeführt. Der Heidelberger Frühling erarbeitet derzeit verschiedene Szenarien, damit auch bei begrenzter Zuschaueranzahl alle Ticketinhaber ein Konzert erleben können.

Donation campaign »Zukunftsmusik«

The Heidelberger Frühling Foundation has already received around 95,000 euros for the donation campaign »Zukunftsmusik«. Many thanks to all donors! We will use this money to support the 2020 festival artists, who have got into financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis. The artists can apply for support until 28 May. Afterwards the donations will be distributed equally. Until then the donations account will remain open.