Community Piano

The green "Community Piano" travels through schools in Heidelberg as an instrument for all pupils

In spring 2022, the striking green piano was parked at Heidelberg's main train station as part of the "re:start" programme as "KlaWIR for all" and was freely played by numerous passers-by. Now the instrument is making a stop at various schools in Heidelberg and the region as a "Community Piano" and invites all students to make music there. It continues the original idea of creating a meeting place for spontaneous and joint music-making.

The first stop was the Hölderlin Gymnasium, afterwards the St. Raphael Gymnasium in Neuenheim. From May 15, the green piano will make its last stop for the time being at the Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg in the Rohrbach-Hasenleiser district. Until the end of the school year, each student will have access to a piano and will be able to make music together, and several concerts and workshops are planned. What is new is that not only students but also citizens are welcome to attend. The events are open to the public and participation is free of charge.

The project is supported by the Classic Scouts, the youth group of the Heidelberger Frühling, who organize the kick-off events for the arrival of the green piano in the schools.

The "Community Piano" was initiated by Sara Werneke, FSJ Cultural Officer at Heidelberger Frühling. This initiative of Heidelberger Frühling is made possible thanks to funding from the PUSH DICH! programme of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung. The events surrounding the "Community Piano" at the Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg are also supported by the Hasenleiser Project Fund.

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A project of the programme PUSH DICH! by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung