“Das Lied” is a song competition held in Berlin every two years, beginning in 2009. Since 2017 it is part of the International Song Centre in Heidelberg. It offers young, highly talented singers both a stage to perform and an important career opportunity. The competition seeks to emphasize and animate Lied as a musical genre.

Every year thousands of students graduate from music colleges, academies and private schools. They are all highly trained, but how can they turn a vocation into a career? For many graduates the transition to the working world is challenging. Participation in international competitions is often the only chance that students have to appear in front of a wider audience, to measure themselves against their contemporaries and to test that all important stage presence and strength of nerves. To this end “Das Lied” offers event organisers and agents a non-binding opportunity to evaluate young artists and new voices in a competition atmosphere with an high-caliber jury. “Das Lied” also allows the numerous and interested audience, through comparative listening, to learn more about Lied and its interpretations and to enjoy the young hopeful talent.