FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about application

May I bring my own chosen pianist to the competition?

Yes, pianists of own choice may accompany participating singers in all rounds of the competition. Please state bindingly in your application if you want to participate with your own chosen pianist. Accompanying pianists do not have to meet the age requirements for singers. Only if the pianists wish to participate in the awarding of the Special Prize for Pianists, they must be born in 1989 or later.

What if I do not have an own chosen pianist?

When registering for the competition, please state bindingly whether you are participating in the competition with or without your own pianist. If you participate without a pianist of your own choice, you will not be disadvantaged. We will then put you in touch with our competition pianist after the preselection in case you are among the selected participants.

May a pianist participate with more than just one singer in the competition?

Yes, the pianist may accompany several singers. It must be ensured that all singers provide the complete data of the pianist in the application. 

Why are there two application forms?

As a singer, you have the possibility to apply for the competition either alone or with your pianist of own choice. If you would like to participate with your own chosen pianist, please choose the form in which you have to give information about the pianist. If you apply without an own chosen pianist, please fill in the other form.

May I also send my application for the competition by e-mail or post?

No, please use only the application form provided on this website to register. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications by e-mail or post.

I have no recordings that I can transmit digitally. I lack the technical possibilities. What can I do?

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at info@das-lied.com. If necessary, we can support you with the technical preparation of your application videos or give you advice.

How can I send my application videos for registration?

Please use only file hosting providers on the Internet. There you can upload your videos and provide us with a link via the registration form, where we in turn can download the videos. Simply insert this link at the appropriate place in the form.

Selection of common file hosting providers:


Do my recordings sent with the application have to match my chosen competition repertoire?

No, when selecting the video recordings you only have to comply with the requirements according to the competition rules: Send at least one song each by Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert, plus one song by a composer of the German-speaking modern period that was composed in 1960 at the earliest. 

You may submit songs by Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert as recordings which you also wish to include in your competition repertoire. Recordings of songs by Franz Schubert that are not part of the competition repertoire (e.g. from his song cycles) are also permitted.  

Please do not send more than five video recordings in total.

Which composers are among the representatives of German-speaking modernism?

Choose German-language songs by composers that were composed or published after 1960. We do not give any specifications regarding the composers, you can choose freely. The following composers could be chosen as examples: Aribert Reimann, Wolfgang Rhim, Moritz Eggert, Wolfgang Fortner, Wilhelm Killmayer or Siegfried Matthus. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Which repertoire and how many songs may I sing in the competition?

When you register, you must bindingly indicate a total of 30 songs that you will prepare for the competition. In 2021, the focus will be on the composers Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Aribert Reimann. You may choose from the entire song repertoire of Aribert Reimann and Robert Schumann. When selecting songs by Franz Schubert, you may only choose those that are not part of his song cycles (e.g. Winterreise D.911, Die schöne Müllerin D.795, Schwanengesang D. 957). Select 11 songs by Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann each and 8 songs by Aribert Reimann and enter them into the template provided on our website. You can then upload them as part of your application in the registration form. A detailed repertoire overview with the permitted competition repertoire can be found here. Please contact us if you are unsure about the selection or if you want to choose pieces that you think are wrongly not listed in the overview.

May I sing the songs in other voices and keys than those originally composed?

For schubert and Schumann you are allowed to adapt the song to your preferred voice pitch. A song can be performed by any voice. Reimann Lieder may not be performed in a key other than the one composed. Only the voice may be chosen freely.

When will I find out whether I have been admitted to the 2021 competition?

The pre-selection committee will examine all applications – received in full and on time up to and including September, 25, 2020 – during the month of October and will make a selection of participants for the competition that will take place in February. We will inform you whether you are among the participants by October, 30, 2020 at the latest.

What happens if the competition does not take place due to Covid-19 restrictions or I am not allowed to enter Germany from abroad?

The ever-changing circumstances and regulatory requirements to contain the Covid-19 pandemic make it very difficult to make concrete predictions for February 2021. As things stand at present, we firmly believe that the competition will take place as planned. Nevertheless, we would like to make it easier for interested applicants to decide on an application with the following measures:
  1. If, contrary to expectations, the competition cannot take place at short notice due to official requirements, all applicants who have been admitted to the competition will receive a refund of the participation fee of 100.00 €.
  2. If participants whose home or place of study is abroad and who are travelling from there are unable to enter Germany due to official travel prohibitions and thus cannot participate in the competition, we will also refund the participation fee of 100.00 € to them. However, this does not apply to obligatory quarantine or testing measures that must be carried out in the course of entering Germany, but only to explicit travel bans.

Questions about the competition

When do I find out in which round I sing which and how much repertoire?

You are free to choose the songs for the first round of the competition according to the competition rules. Admitted participants will be asked to send us their repertoire for the first round in advance. This selection is binding from the time of submission to the project office of the competition. 

In case of forwarding to the following competition rounds, the repertoire will be determined during the competition on the day before the respective round according to the competition rules: A part of the repertoire will first be determined by the jury from the competitor’s repertoire at hand, the rest of the selection is up to the participants. Please refer to the competition rules for exact details regarding the length of the performance times, number of songs per composer in the individual rounds etc.

Is there a rating for Liedduos?

No, “Das Lied” is a singing competition explicitly aimed at singers. There will be no evaluation in which the participants are judged as a duo. The jury only evaluates the participating singers. An exception is the special prize for pianists, which the jury awards to one of the pianists who participates together with the singers and fulfils the requirements for the award.

When do I have to travel to Heidelberg? What is the procedure on site?

It is obligatory for participantsto arrive in Heidelberg on February, 21, .2021, the day before the first round of the competition. On this day the accreditation of the participants will take place, information about the general course of the competition will be given and the order of the first round will be drawn by lot. Admitted participants will be informed in detail about the concrete course of the competition days (order of participants, repertoire selection, etc.) after the application phase is completed.

Are travel or accommodation expenses reimbursed?

No, travel to/from the competition in Heidelberg is at the participants’ own expense, as is accommodation in Heidelberg. The participants are also responsible for organizing their own travel and accommodation. We will gladly give hotel recommendations on request.

What do I have to pay attention to when I travel from abroad?

Please take care of all necessary formalities that require entry into Germany on your own. If necessary, we will send you a written invitation to the competition, which you can use to apply for entry visas or similar. Please contact us individually for this purpose. 

Will rehearsal slots be provided before during the competition? Will I be able to rehearse with the competition pianist?

We will provide sufficient rehearsal possibilities before each competition round. Those participants who compete with our competition pianist will of course be given the opportunity to rehearse with him immediately before the competition. We will contact the respective persons shortly after the announcement of the participants. 

Will the competition be streamed live again in 2021?

Yes, a live stream of all competition rounds is planned, available at www.das-lied.com and Facebook The Song: International Song Competition.

Is there a possibility to get feedback from the jury after the competition?

Yes, the jury is always available for feedback discussions. Admitted participants will be informed during the preparation for the competition when and where these discussions can take place.

Will the 2021 competition also take place if no audience is admitted under the Corona Regulation?

At present we are planning to hold the competition in any case. Of course, we always take the current developments of the pandemic and the requirements of the local health authorities into account and adjust our planning accordingly. Finally, we reserve the right to react to short-term changes in the situation and to cancel the event in special cases if necessary.