Ein inszeniertes Lied.LAB

Sun, October 10, 2021 6:00PM
Frauenbad Heidelberg

Theresa Pilsl, Sopran

Daniel Gerzenberg, Klavier

Vendula Nováková, Regie

Marie König und Malte Hemmerich, Idee & Konzept

Photos create memories, capture fleeting moments, influence our self-image, and not just since Instagram: But perception has changed. Nowadays, leafing through a photo album together seems to be out of date, touchingly old-fashioned. The family evening slide show is almost forgotten. Hours on the sofa and the click of the slide projector have a soporific effect – until you suddenly discover yourself between landscape shots.

Such a scenario is the starting point for this Lied.LAB, which ties in with the art song: We collected slides from Heidelberg citizens and put them in a new context with songs by Mendelssohn, Ives or Wolfgang Rihm. The key moments of life described in it – the first day of school, a wedding, the beginning of the great love – can be found in the slides, which, when viewed, become clear: Just like a picture, a song can open the window for a moment or a feeling that everyone has something in common with. Associatively, images, stories and sounds come together to create a nostalgic evening that lets us immerse ourselves in the depths of our own memories.

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