Lied Academy 2021/22 – Applications are open NOW!

The Lied Academy of the International Song Center Heidelberg is a place of inspiration and intensive musical exchange for young singers and pianists  all over the world. In October 2021, the academy will start a new edition of its year-round funding program! The 15 selected scholarship holders have the opportunity to take part in four modules of the Lied Academy in Heidelberg and Berlin free of charge. The offer includes master classes with Thomas Hampson and well-known co-lecturers in the field of song composition and interpretation. In addition, the Lied Academy offers a diverse framework program of workshops, coaching and discussion formats that deal with topics such as language coaching, content-related deepening, career management, concert programming, mental training, etc.


The new project “Lied Me!” invests in the future and tests new ways of storytelling in the digital space.

When a crisis takes us by surprise, we are forced to rethink. Questions have to be asked differently, problems solved differently, needs satisfied differently. It is precisely then that we all long for people who provide answers, who know the way out, who shape our future for us: Decision-makers, experts, leaders. But how much of what we are looking for is actually within ourselves? “Lied Me!” is looking for new ways to rethink art – or more precisely, the aesthetic experience of song – in the digital space. And it does so out of our own artistic potential, which needs to be set free. Eleven young scholarship holders and alumni of the Lied Academy, i.e. singers and pianists, accompanied by three renowned curators over several months so that the art genre of song can unfold in nine short films. The question on everyone’s mind in this project: How do we get people addicted to song? And how can the digital space help us do that?

So that the genre of song, for which the young song interpreters are so passionate, can ignite even more people? No one knows what will be at the end of this creative journey. Nine moving image productions, yes. But what they will look like, what story they will tell, remains to be seen.

»Neuland.Lied« will premiere in June 2022

Up until now »Neuland.Lied« was the platform for new interdisciplinary song formats within the festival Heidelberger Frühling. This year it should have celebrated its premiere as an independent festival from June 11th to 15th. Despite the positive development of the pandemic, it has to be canceled: Many concert programs were specially designed for the new festival and would have required longer rehearsal processes, which could not be carried out under lockdown conditions. And the constantly changing arrival and return travel regulations for artists living abroad have made reliable planning impossible. »Neuland.Lied« will therefore be launched for the first time in June 2022.

International Song Competition »Das Lied« is canceled

It is with great regret that we have to cancel the International Song Competition “Das Lied” under the chairmanship of Thomas Quasthoff, which would have been organized by the Liedzentrum Heidelberg from May 25th to 29th. We had postponed the competition from February to May and hoped that a positive development of the infection rate would make it possible to hold the competition at a later date. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing the opposite. On this basis, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for fair and safe conditions for the participants who come from all over the world.