In 2009, the year of Mendelssohn, the five prominent musicians decided to form a string quintet at a concert. Since then, the Bartholdy Quintet has been delighting audiences with
Interpretations of the greatest homogeneity and virtuosity. On December 14, 1790, Mozart hosted a chamber music evening to bid farewell to Joseph Haydn, who was leaving for London the following day. The D major quintet that was played was to be a final adieu to his friend, as the two never saw each other again. In his only string quintet, Anton Bruckner, who was born 200 years ago, takes up Mozart's scoring with two violas, but does not deny the symphonic style in terms of compositional technique and the dimensions of the movements. Alexander von Zemlinsky's two string quintet movements were very well received at their premiere in 1896. Even with Johannes Brahms, who was among the audience.

+ 7 minutes
The "plus" in the concert: In a 7-minute discussion excursus, characteristic, sometimes curious aspects of the programme are picked out or exciting phenomena in the context of the works are highlighted.

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Bartholdy Quintet

String quintet

Anke Dill

Ulf Schneider

Barbara Westphal

Volker Jacobsen

Gustav Rivinius

Wolfgang A. Mozart
String Quintet No. 5 in D major KV 593

Alexander v. Zemlinsky
Two movements for string quintet in D minor

Anton Bruckner
String Quintet in F major WAB 112