In this concert, the two musical French brothers Edgar and Jérémie Moreau take a journey through time through the cello repertoire. First of all, there are two masterpieces for low string instruments that were only later appropriated by cellists: Bach's viola da gamba sonata in G minor BWV 1029, reminiscent of a concerto in the Italian style, and Schubert's daydreamy and wistful "Arpeggione" sonata for the guitar-violoncello, which had just been invented at the time but was not able to establish itself in concert life. Geographically speaking, we then travel from Vienna to Bergen in Norway, where Grieg composed the A minor Sonata for his cellist brother John. Sergei Prokofiev went one better with his vocal, thoroughly catchy only cello sonata: in his case, the dedicatee was Mstislav Rostropovich.

+ 7 minutes
The "plus" in the concert: In a 7-minute discussion excursus, characteristic, sometimes curious aspects of the programme are picked out or exciting phenomena in the context of the works are highlighted.

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Edgar Moreau


Jérémie Moreau


J. S. Bach
Sonata in G minor for viola da gamba (violoncello) and harpsichord BWV 1029

Franz Schubert
"Arpeggione" Sonata in A minor D 821

Edvard Grieg
Cello Sonata in A minor op. 36

Sergei Prokofiev
Cello Sonata in C major op. 119