The Mariani Piano Quartet is made up of Philipp Bohnen, a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Barbara Buntrock, who was principal violist at the Gewandhaus, Peter-Philipp Staemmler, principal cellist of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, and pianist Gerhard Vielhaber, a student of Karl-Heinz Kämmerling. Among the most exciting new discoveries of the four are the three piano quartets by Friedrich Gernsheim, whose music was banned by the Nazis due to his Jewish origins and has since been forgotten. Gernsheim's first piano quartet, heard here, is a rapturous work in the tradition of Schumann. Bohuslav Martinů's piano quartet, written in 1942 in exile in America, is full of energy and has a Czech tone. "In a quartet, you feel at home, at home, happy," the composer said. Antonín Dvořák could have signed that too.

+ 7 minutes
The "plus" in the concert: In a 7-minute discussion excursus, characteristic, sometimes curious aspects of the programme are picked out or exciting phenomena in the context of the works are highlighted.

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Mariani Piano Quartet

Philipp Bohnen

Barbara Buntrock

Peter-Philipp Staemmler

Gerhard Vielhaber

Friedrich Gernsheim
Piano Quartet No. 1 in E flat major op. 6

Bohuslav Martinů
Piano quartet

Antonín Dvořák
Piano Quartet No. 2 in E flat major op. 87