Das Ritterturnier

So 27. 3. 2022

Four brave and extremely musically talented knights are considered invincible together. One day they hear about a tournament of a very special kind. They can't pass up such an opportunity. So they mount their horses, grab their trombones and charge off. However, like life, this tournament poses very different tasks for the knights than expected.

Concert without intermission (approx. 60 min)

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.

(15 € adults, 5 € children)

Trombone Attraction:
Stefan Obmann Trombone & Acting
Christian Poitinger Bass Trombone & Acting
Martin Riener Trombone & Acting
Florian Senft Trombone & Acting
Berenike Heidecker-Nusser Dramaturgy, Acting & Music Education