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Di 14. 6. 2022

The fact that Monteverdi's and Purcell's opera arias or the songs of John Dowland are gladly interpreted freely and creatively today is not only due to their obvious hit qualities. It has to do with the originals themselves: The music texts of the early Baroque period did not provide for fixed instrumental instrumentation, they contained neither volume indications nor tempo indications. And the important ornaments were up to the performers anyway. Theresa Kronthaler, the Berlin mezzo-soprano, and the Finnish jazz guitarist Kalle Kalima, as well as Oliver Potratz on acoustic and electric bass, already cultivated a decidedly cool and stylistically confident approach to the repertoire on their 2015 debut album: instead of throwing pop-modern garb over the old tunes, they traced inner connections to the arrangements of today's bands. The new program deepens the closeness to alternative rock and jazz - but now goes a step further by including some of the best songs of our day. Some 400 years separate the Smashing Pumpkins from Monteverdi, the musicals of the duo Rodgers and Hammerstein from John Dowland's Elizabethan England. What they have in common are the emotional extremes of our lives, where mere words are not enough and the singing has to come in...


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Claudio Monteverdi Dormo ancora
Possente spirtu
Henry Purcell Cold song
Let me weep
One Charming Night
Smashing Pumpkins Today und Disarm
Georg Friedrich Händel/Essi Kalima Johnny Grey
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun
Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein My Favorite Things
The Police Walking on the Moon
John Dowland Come again