Neuland.Lied | Oh Earth, my wandering Earth!

Sun 12. 6. 2022

A song recital as a poetic essay on the Anthropocene, the earth age of man. The title »Earth, my wandering Earth« refers to a science fiction story by the best-selling Chinese author Cixin Liu: in view of the imminent extinction of the sun, the world's population has its planet shot out of its orbit into the vastness of space in search of a new home planet. Ernest Chausson's song cycle »Serres chaudes« ("Greenhouses") from 1896 and the »Cycle for Declamation« by the British composer Priaulx Rainier to nature poems by John Donne (1954) outline the program's associative framework. »Kehre wieder, holdes Blütenalter der Natur!«, Schubert wistfully says with Friedrich Schiller. But the cycles of becoming and passing are disturbed, the rapid overheating of the atmosphere recalls the fragility of all living things. Ema Nikolovska, who will also explain the program, takes a decidedly feminine look at her subject: half a dozen stylistically versatile female composers will be heard. For example, Errollyn Wallen, the London-based musician from Belize, and the Canadian Danika Lorèn combine influences from pop, singer-songwriting, avant-garde and postmodern classical music in their vocal pieces.

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Ema Nikolovska Mezzosoprano
Dylan Perez Piano

Kate Soper As Dawn Chromatically Descends to Day
Franz Schubert Abschied von der Erde
Errollyn Wallen About Here
Franz Schubert An den Mond
Errollyn Wallen London’s Burning
Franz Schubert Die Götter Griechenlands
Judith Weir Songs From The Exotic
Robert Schumann „Die Lieder Mignons“ aus Goethes Wilhelm Meister, op. 98a/ Nr. 1, 3, 9, 5
Ernest Chausson Serres Chaudes op. 24
Serre Chaude – Serre d’ennui – Lassitude – Fauves las – Oraison
Priaulx Rainier: Cycle for Declamation für Solostimme (Text: »Devotions« von John Donne)
Verflochten mit Margaret Bonds: Songs of the Seasons
Danika Lorèn The Idlers (poetry by Tekahionwake, aka E. Pauline Johnson 2018)
The Sex Lives of Vegetables (poetry by Lorna Crozier 2018)