• »Castor&&Pollux«

    A music theatre piece that deals with human immortality through the interweaving of two myths – the one of Greek antiquity and the other of the futuristic utopia of transhumanism – this is »Castor && Pollux«. Jean-Philippe Rameau’s setting meets digital spatial sound compositions for a 4D Sound System.

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  • Festival 2019

    The 2019 Heidelberger Frühling will take place from 16 March to 14 April.

    The Mahler Chamber Orchestra is the festival’s »Orchestra in Residence«. It will be live on stage on 20 March with pianist Mitsuko Uchida and on 7 April with flamenco singer Marina Heredia and pianist Alexander Melnikov.

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  • »Neuland.Lied«

    Political Lieder are the focus of »Neuland.Lied« in 2019. These Lieder take a concrete stand, which we cannot escape in their force. They mock or celebrate the prevailing social orders. They are stories about emancipation, propaganda violence and system criticism.

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  • »Standpunkte«

    The »Standpunkte« 2019 are entitled «Outlines of Life«. We treat them with purely musical means: dream ourselves into children’s worlds, evoke the distant world of slavery, follow the city dwellers to the countryside, the artists into solitude and the old into death, celebrate family celebrations.

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We are glad and grateful that, for a circle of patrons, the »Frühling« is reason enough to commit an amount in the double-digit millions for a comprehensive renovation of the Stadthalle Heidelberg. Take leave of the old one again in the festival of 2019 and, from the season of 2022 onwards, look forward to a new town hall, which ideally pairs its Gründerzeit charm with the demands of an outstanding concert and cultural center
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Song Centre

With the album »Frage«, which will be released in autumn 2018, Christian Gerhaher begins the complete recording of all of Robert Schumann’s Lieder. The project entitled »Alle Lieder« will comprise 10 CDs, which will be released by Sony Classical in 2020 as a complete edition. Co-production partners are the Bayerischer Rundfunk and the International Song Centre.
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The 2018 Lied Academy focused on Franz Schubert among other Lied composers. The young singers intensively studied his songs under the direction of Thomas Hampson. At Medici.tv, one of the largest classical music streaming services, the master class can now be watched free of charge (registration required).
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Alumni news

(05.12.18) Alumni of the Lied Academy celebrate successes at the National German Singing Competition: Soprano Theresa Pilsl, scholarship holder of the Lied Academy 2018, was awarded the prize of the Walter Kaminsky Foundation amounting to 2,500 euros. Tenor Julian Habermann (photo), scholarship holder of the Lied Academy 2017, received the prize of the Rosenbaum Foundation for the particularly convincing performance of an aria from the Baroque to the Viennese Classical period in the amount of 2,500 euros. Daniel Gerzenberg, scholarship holder of the Lied Academy 2018, received the pianist prize of 2,000 euros.

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