• Heidelberger Frühling

    Heidelberger Frühling

    The festival of curiosity – the Heidelberger Frühling abides by this mantra every year. Extraordinary artists meet each other and the audience in a personal atmosphere and use the space provided by the festival in order to experiment with new perspectives.
  • Streichquartettfest


    It is the microcosm of musical collaboration – and string quartet enthusiasts travel from all over the world to Heidelberg to participate. Every year an ignition of audience and international quartet community happens through dialogue and discussion. Which makes them far more than guardians of the past.
  • Villa Abegg

    Villa Abegg

    This is where new things are created – a space for thoughts, discussions, work and genre-crossing education. Interdisciplinary projects arise from open collaboration between musicians, dramaturgs and directors. For Heidelberg. And for the future.
  • International Song Centre

    International Song Centre

    This platform is home, workshop and engine of song – the International Song Centre Heidelberg is a centre of global initiatives. It allows a re-discovery with the infinite facets of song in the head of artists, promoters and audience. This is our assignment and passion.
  • Kammermusik Plus

    Kammermusik +

    Jeden Monat etwas Zeit für »Frühlingsgefühle« – die Reihe »Kammermusik Plus« macht’s möglich. In der exzellenten Akustik der Alten Aula der Universität hören Sie Interpreten auf internationalem Niveau. Ganz, wie Sie es vom Heidelberger Frühling gewohnt sind.