For over ten years, the Musikstiftung Heidelberg has accompanied the Musikfestival and the Liedzentrum as a sponsor and strong partner. It is the wish of the founders to strengthen both in their self-image as cultural organizers and to create scope for further development.

They also want to set an example of strong commitment on the part of citizens and the business community and thus invite other friends of Heidelberg and music to contribute to the success of the Musikstiftung Heidelberg with endowments and donations.

Foundation Board
Thorsten Schmidt (Chairman), Christian Eckhardt, Christine Pangels

Board of Trustees
Dr. Uwe Schroeder-Wildberg (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Claus E. Heinrich, Dr. Caroline von Kretschmann, Beate Spiegel, Christian Wessendorf

Board of Trustees
Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Fuchs, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Götze, Dr. Renate Keysser-Götze, Ernst-Friedrich von Kretschmann, Dr. h.c. Manfred Lautenschläger, Wolfgang Marguerre, Günter Reimann-Dubbers, Bernhard Schreier, Gabriele von Weizsäcker, Dr. Hans-Peter Wild

In Memoriam
Dr. Manfred Lamy, Prof. Dr. Anneliese and Dr. Jobst Wellensiek

The statute describes the mission of the Musikstiftung Heidelberg.

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Bank details:
Musikstiftung Heidelberg
Heidelberg Volksbank
IBAN DE90 6729 0000 0055 0000 00