The Musikstiftung Heidelberg has supported the Heidelberger Frühling as a sponsor and strong partner for over ten years. Through the Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik, it is particularly committed to projects that open up new areas of experience for young up-and-coming musicians and give them the opportunity to find their own artistic language. The fund also supports projects that enable different social groups to participate in culture. The foundation also supports excellent concerts in all areas of the Heidelberger Frühling - from the Streichquartettfest to the Musikfestival and the Liedfestival.

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Support the projects with young up-and-coming musicians at Heidelberger Frühling with a donation to the Fonds Stiftung Zukunftsmusik of Musikstiftung Heidelberg!

Such as the re:start program with the members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble, which is bringing nine free concerts to Heidelberg's districts during this year's Musikfestival.

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