»Frühling« for Families: »Alphorn Special«

An »ear-winking« homage to the complex simplicity of our times: Mike Svoboda, renowed soloist, who already worked with famous composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Frank Zappa, presents »Alphorn Special«, an entertaining and humorous program. The alphorn will not be the only unusal instrument: Prepare yourself for didgeridoos, sea shells and hosepipes!

In cooperation with
Pädagogischen Hochschule Heidelberg

Bundesjugendballett © Silvano Ballone

Workshop with National Youth Ballet

Being “on the move” and “moving others”. This would be one way of summarising the mission the Federal Youth Ballet (BJB) has set itself. In a workshop lasting about 90 minutes, BJB maître de ballet Yohan Stegli and members of the company will be demonstrating the meaning behind those words and the training these young dancers go through. The workshop is angled at children between approx. 6 and 10 and their families. No prior knowledge of ballet is necessary. What is needed is clothing allowing freedom of movement and any amount of curiosity. The children in the audience will be encouraged to come up on stage and join in.

In cooperation with the UnterwegsTheater/Künstlerhaus/HebelHalle


Sonus Brass Ensemble

The Metalworkers

The five men meet entirely by chance. They’ve just lost their jobs and are worried about what the future will bring. Poking around idly in a pile of old metal they make an amazing discovery. What looks like trash can in fact produce a whole array of different sounds. Put together with ingenuity it can even be used to make musical instruments. As absolute beginners, the five friends require the help of the audience in eliciting the first primitive sounds from the “stovepipes” they have collected. As soon as they manage to perform a piece of music, they discover that every instrument has its own sound. And then suddenly they find themselves playing together, an entirely new experience that really fires their imagination. They decide to form a band. In their earlier jobs, they all had something to do with metal, so the choice of a name is obvious: The Metalworkers! At the end of the day they’re all set for a musical career.

Special thanks to
Wealth Management der Baden-Württembergischen Bank

body rhythm factory 2015

Body Rhythm Factory

As every singer knows, the human body is one big sounding board. Less well known is the fact that it can also produce exciting rhythms and noises, a feature that the three Danish percussionists of the Body Rhythm Factory turn to splendid account in their performances. Clapping, stamping, finger-snipping, teeth sucking – the whole room turns into sound and everyone has a hand (or some other body part) in the proceedings. For many years, Peter Stravrum was part of that hardy world-tour perennial, the STOMP company. Then he went back to his Danish home to establish the Body Rhythm Factory with his compatriot Rune Thorsteinsson. Success was not long in coming. Over 400 concerts at home and abroad plus the International Young Audiences Music Award 2013 for the best production worldwide for children and adolescents tell us one thing for sure: they have rhythm in the blood! (6 years and older)

In cooperation with the University of Education Heidelberg

Wiener Maskentheater

Chaos Concert

The Chaos Concert is a genuine disaster. World champion violinist August, pianist and conductor Arthur and six members of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen are planning a concert. They hope and believe that it is going to be a sensation. But from the outset everything goes wrong. The violin has worms, whereupon Arthur mutates into a vet. August develops so much Beethovenian energy that it knocks him lengthways. And when they get round to Mozart, the score is full of bugs that sink their teeth into the calves of the female courtiers. As if that were not enough, the leader of the orchestra has a louse in his wig. But with an acute feeling for musical subtleties and a big helping of slapstick and humour, the Chaos Concert finally turns into a success. A treat for eyes and ears, full of musical surprises (6 years and older)

Project by Wiener Masken- and Musiktheater in cooperation with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen


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