Artist and Introduction Talks

Experiencing artists in conversation, gaining deeper insights into concert programmes, and exchanging ideas on topics together - this is what the Artist and Introduction Talks surrounding the Heidelberger Frühling concerts are all about. Participation is free of charge for the concert audience.

Artist Talks take place following some concerts in the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival and at the beginning of the second half of each concert in the chamber music series Kammermusik +. The audience has the opportunity to get to know musicians who were previously on stage in a close-up setting. In a dialogue with a member of the Heidelberger Frühling team, the musicians shed light on their careers, their individual approach to the works, and thematic contexts.

The Introduction Talk "Notenschlüssel" takes place before the start of some concerts in the Heidelberger Frühling Mussikfestival. 45 minutes before the concert begins, an expert introduces the programme, provides further perspectives or background information, and enters into a dialogue with the participating artists or composers. The offer is presented by the Freundeskreis of Heidelberger Frühling and is open to all concertgoers.

Concerts with Artist and Introduction Talks