Multimedia music theatre in a 4D sound system

Sat, April 6, 2019 7:30PM
Alte Aula of Heidelberg University

Lukas Rehm, video, music & concept
Lisa Charlotte Friederich, direction & concept
Jim Igor Kallenberg, dramaturgy & concept
Barbara Konrad, musical direction
Eugène Michelangeli, harpsichord

Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau & Lukas Rehm
Texts by Lisa Charlotte Friederich, after revisions by Pierre-Joseph-Justin Bernard from the tragédie lyrique »Castor et Pollux« after the Greek myth of the Dioscuri, the brothers Castor and Pollux. Texts on Ray Kurzweil’s theory of the future with documentary interview sequences and artistic video recordings.

We thank

Freundeskreis Heidelberger Frühling

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