Pfarrkirche St. Paul Boxberg

The Catholic Church St. Paul Boxberg in Heidelberg's hilltop district of Boxberg is an architectural challenge worth discovering. The cuboid, towerless church building made of windowless exposed concrete was constructed in the strict formal language of Brutalism. Inside the church, the bright and spacious worship space opens to the visitors, slightly amphitheatrically descending towards the lower altar. Light floods into the room through the shed roof, which is not visible from the outside, via an imposing ceiling grid of Afrormosia wood, bathing it in a warm golden glow. The few materials used (concrete, natural stone, wood) and the clear, unambiguous forms force the view on the essential - the events in the chancel.

Bus lines: 27, 29, 39a
(bus stop: Louise-Ebert-Zentrum)
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