Mi 27. 9. 2023
Heidelberger Frühling

Which exciting concerts, new formats, promising young artists as well as established classical greats can you expect in the Streichquartettfest and Musikfestival 2024? Heidelberger Frühling artistic director Thorsten Schmidt introduces the highlights of the new season alongside the Musikfestival's co-artistic director Igor Levit.

The programme for the Musikfestival 2024 and the Streichquartettfest 2024 is published online on September 28, ticket sales start on Monday, Oktober 23.

Admission is free. 
Free seating, admission from 7 pm.

Thorsten Schmidt

Artistic Director of Heidelberger Frühling

Igor Levit

Co-Artistic Director of Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival

Annett Baumeister

Programme Director of Heidelberger Frühling

Anselm Cybinski

Overall Dramaturgy of Heidelberger Frühling

Fellows and members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble 2024