Jean Rondeau | Goldberg-Variationen

Sa 9. 4. 2022

Afterwards: TREFF | PUNKT for members of the Freundeskreis at the Festival Zentrum in the court yard of Neue Universität

They were supposed to be a few pieces of »gentle and somewhat cheerful character« to pass the time during sleepless nights. What Johann Sebastian Bach delivered, however, went far beyond that. His extremely artistic »Goldberg Variations« are - as we know today - the most important cycle of this kind before Beethoven's »Diabelli Variations«. The famous French cembalist Jean Rondeau has been devoting himself to this hour-long work, which he calls an ode to silence, for years. »And the longer I play the 'Goldbergs'«, he says, »the more I feel: they contain the whole Bach«.

Concert without intermission (approx. 80 min)

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In cooperation with Heidelberg University

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Jean Rondeau Cembalo

Johann Sebastian Bach Goldberg Variations BWV 988