Repertoire 2021

For the 2021 competition a total of 30 songs from these composers are to be prepared as follows:

Franz Schubert

(11 songs)

Robert Schumann

(11 songs)

Aribert Reimann

(8 songs)

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Repertoire template for application »

Participants are responsible for their own choice of works but need to consider that the chosen pieces have to add up to a playing time of min. 30 min for Franz Schubert and Robert Schumannn and min. 20 for Aribert Reimann. The choice of song cycles or parts of those by Robert Scchumann and Aribert Reimann are allowed, the approved competition repertoire excludes explicitly all song cycles by Franz Schubert. Please refer to the the repertoire list. Participants submit a binding repertoire at the time of application, therefor, please use only this form. Subsequent changes are not permitted.

For the registration for the competition the applicants have to subit at least three but max. five video recordings of songs. At least each one song has to be composed by  Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and  and a composer of German-language modernity (compositions dated after 1960). . The recorded songs may be chosen freely within those requirements and do not need to correspond to the competition’s specified repertoire.

The complete competition rules can be found here.