Scouting Ligeti

Together with the SWR Vokalensemble and the KlangForum Heidelberg e. V. the Classic Scouts immersed themselves into the fascinating sound world of composer György Ligeti as part of the Musikfestival 2023.

They created a "Hörerlebniswelt" which contains nine audio files: interviews with in the Musikfestival 2023 performing musicians, audio examples and their personal perspective and thoughts about one of the most original and technically sophisticated composers of the past century. The "Hörerlebniswelt" invited the audience online and on premise to dive deeper into the concerts of the Musikfestival 2023 focus point "Ligeti 100".


What did young people think when they heard Ligeti's music for the first time?

Ligeti's life and work against the background of the turbulent social and political developments of his time

Ligeti's „Volumina“

Impressions and favourite parts

In conversation with organist Markus Uhl

Ligeti's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Impressions and favourite parts

Ligeti's 2nd string quartet

Impressions and favourite parts

Conversation with Léo Marillier of the French string quartet Quatuor Diotima about rehearsing the piece

Ligeti's „Lux aeterna“

Impressions and favourite parts

Conversation with soprano Sarah M. Newman of Klangforum Heidelberg

About the Project

Music & Pictures
In the first phase, the Classic Scouts explored the connection between music and visual art in Ligeti's oeuvre as part of the SWR Vokalensemble's "Music and Images" project. The focus of this project for this year's ARD Week of Music is the timbre composition in the famous vocal piece "Lux Aeterna" (Eternal Light). But the spectacular history of the composer in the context of the turbulent social and political developments of his lifetime also provide an occasion for intensive discussion.

The videos created by the young people themselves in the project were presented to the public as a complete cinematic work of art by all participants in the concert of the SWR Vokalensemble on March 21, 2023 in Garage 229 in Stuttgart-Ost.

Scouting Ligeti
How does Ligeti's music affect us? What approaches open up in the experience of his music - in direct listening as well as in closer study of the composer? And what personal insights do the performing artists give us?

These questions were the focus of the second project phase together with KlangForum Heidelberg e. V. Under the artistic direction of Nelly Sautter and Magdalena Erhard, the Classic Scouts were intensively engaged on the one hand with various works of the Ligeti 100 festival focus, and on the other hand with Ligeti as an extraordinary personality. From solo concerts to organ and string quartet music to vocal music in the KlangForum programme - they reflected on their listening experiences, talked to artists, and thus created individual approaches to Ligeti's music.

The result: a digital "Hörerlebnisselt" - for the Heidelberger Frühling Musikfestival 2023 audience and all people who wanted to engage with Ligeti's music on site or from home.

Various audio files with general as well as programme-specific content are available on the website. There were also QR-Codes at each concert venue for direct dialing.

The live moment: In the concert of the KlangForum Heidelberg on April 5, 2023 in the parish church of St. Paul Boxberg, the creative work of the Classic Scouts could be experienced on site in the context of a special attunement.

Project participants were Liam Dammert, Lisa Köhnle, Lukas Herrera, Selma Krauße, Jakob Gierok, Moritz Pfister, Luis Miehlich, Mariela Rogic, Laurenz Hambrecht, Elisa Stepanski, Yunhe Liang and Joseph Noble.

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