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We invite you not only to be a guest of the festivals and concerts, but to actively support the preservation of a lively musical culture! As a member of the Freundeskreis, you provide artistic freedom for musicians and ensure that the beautiful city on the Neckar and the region remain attractive and lively. The funding opportunities and benefits you enjoy are as diverse as Heidelberger Frühling. Your commitment pays off!

Secure your favourite seats
Take advantage of the pre-sale right for Freundeskreis members two weeks before the general pre-sale start. Via telephone, in writing or online in the Freundeskreis webshop.

Get close
You will know the program before anyone else: every year, as a prelude to the new season, you are invited to the exclusive program release.

Each year, as a Freundeskreis member, you sponsor and make possible both several concerts in the Festival and the concert introduction Notenschlüssel for the entire Festival audience.

Visit exclusive events
Enjoy the "Frühling" in events offered especially for the Freundeskreis, such as music travels, lectures or the nearly legendary summer festival.

Become part of a strong network that is firmly anchored in the city and operates beyond the region.

Become visible
Let others know you are committed. We will happily present you by name in our program book and on the website.

Funding Opportunities

Young Friend (up to the age of 30)


Friend (couple)

Family (with children under the age of 18)


Fortissimo Sponsor

Donations in addition to these contributions are always welcome.

Association account: Sparkasse Heidelberg | IBAN: DE09 6725 0020 0000 0432 06

Since the Freundeskreis is a registered association, both donations and annual contributions are tax deductible. You can read about the purpose of the association in the statutes.


You can join the Freundeskreis by filling out the Membership Form or sending the completed PDF by e-mail, mail or fax.

Freundeskreis Heidelberger Frühling e.V.
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If you have any questions, please contact:

Dr. Lioba Schmitt-Imkamp
+49(0) 6221 584 00 41

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