Alexej Gerasimez and friends
Five elements, many instruments

World-class percussionist Alexej Gerassimez, a longtime companion of Heidelberger Frühling, is on the trail of nature's elemental forces in his current project, along with three percussionist friends and his brother Nicolai on piano. His own "Suite of Elements" brings water, wood, stone, metal and fur to sound one after the other. A meditation on the eternal cycle of becoming and passing away is formed in between by the "Canto Ostinato" by Simeon ten Holt, one of the most popular works of minimal music from the Netherlands. Originally written for an unspecified number of keyboard instruments, this ostinato chant is here sung by four mallet instruments, also called mallet instruments, and piano.

Followed by artist talk with Anselm Cybinski in the Festivalzentrum

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Alexej Gerasimez

Direction and percussion

Lukas Böhm


Emil Kuyumcuyan


Sergey Mikhaylenko


Nicolai Gerassimez


Alexej Gerasimez
Soul of Bottle (water)
Echtonan (wood)
Stonewave (stone)

Steve Reich
Music for Pieces of Wood (for stones arr. A. Gerassimez)

Alexej Gerasimez
Piazonore (metal)
Asventuras (fur)

Mátyás Wettl
Nocturne for 16 light switches and lamps (2015)

Alexej Gerassimez (*1987)
Suite of Elements: Water

Simeon ten Holt (1923 - 2012)
Canto Ostinato I (1976)

Alexej Gerasimez
Suite of Elements: Wood

Simeon ten Holt
Canto Ostinato II

Alexej Gerasimez
Suite of Elements: Stone

Simeon ten Holt
Canto Ostinato III

Alexej Gerasimez
Suite of Elements: Metal

Simeon ten Holt
Canto Ostinato IV

Alexej Gerasimez
Suite of Elements: Skin

Simeon ten Holt
Canto Ostinato V

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