Brahms Lounge: Natasha Loges. Festivalcampus-Ensemble
Spielraum Kammermusik

"Your spells bind again what fashion strictly divides": Friedrich Schiller's verse about joy could have been aimed directly at Brahms' chamber music. Natasha Loges and her colleagues in musicology in London have demonstrated how much more permeable the boundaries between rehearsals and performances, between professionals and amateurs, and also between genres in house music still were in Brahms' time. To put it simply, almost anything that was fun and serious enough was allowed. But what do such insights trigger in the young generation of musicians today? What conclusions for a future musical life could be drawn from this? Natasha Loges and the participants of Brahms.LAB discuss the utopian potential of the composer from Hamburg and provide insights into the thought and decision-making processes of their work.

Prof. Natasha Loges

Members of the Festivalcampus-Ensemble