BreinSchmid & Gansch.Riihimäki
Schrammeln and ...

Why is Vienna home to so much musical creativity? The reasons are certainly many. In any case, it is striking that some of the most original artists grew up with alpine folk music and then soon gained a foothold in classical music. But they were never quite happy with that alone. Thomas Gansch and Georg Breinschmid, both once members of the legendary Vienna Art Orchestra, confess that they also loved "the Beatles, Monty Python, jazz and Thomas Bernhard, as well as extended fits of laughter, Dadaist wordplay and evil grimacing". Together with violinist Benjamin Schmid, the two exceptional musicians have formed a wonderful trio for years. The artistic catchment area ranges from Stéphane Grapelli to the ludicrous Rossini medley. Now the Finnish all-rounder Jarkko Riihimäki joins as the fourth – and the Babylonian confusion of musical languages is likely to become completely and wonderfully confusing...

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Benjamin Schmid


Georg Breinschmid

Double bass

Thomas Gansch


Jarkko Riihimäki