Christian Gerhaher. Gerold Huber
Brahms: "My Songs"

Johannes Brahms devoted almost his entire life as a composer to song writing. In doing so, he set poetry texts of a wide stylistic range and a large number of authors. For musicologist Matthias Schmidt, the songs are at the same time a key to understanding his work as a whole: "They are everyday finger exercises, but also provide an opportunity for experimentation in a very confined space." The great Lied interpreter Christian Gerhaher, together with his piano partner Gerold Huber, here puts together a thoughtful, affectionate selection for a very personal Brahms afternoon.

Christian Gerhaher


Gerold Huber


Johannes Brahms
Nine Lieder and chants for one voice and piano op. 32
Regenlied-Zyklus. Four Lieder after poems by Klaus Groth
and other Lieder from opp. 14, 43, 48, 70-72 und op. 106

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