Overture: Evening Concert
Eberle. La Marca. Viersen. Yalniz

C minor is the key of fate, not only since Beethoven's "Fifth". Where it says C minor, there is drama. This is especially true of Johannes Brahms' Piano Quartet op. 60 – that confession written over a period of twenty years that reflects a veritable crisis in the composer's life. No less passionate is Beethoven's String Trio of 1798, one of the young genius's most daring deeds.

The concert is part of the festival kick-off "Overture", which will take place between February 16 and 18 at Hotel Der Europäische Hof Heidelberg, the artist hotel of Heidelberger Frühling.

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Concert without intermission

Veronika Eberle


Adrien La Marca


Quirine Viersen


Mert Yalniz


Ludwig van Beethoven
String Trio in C minor op. 9/3

Johannes Brahms
Piano Quartet in C minor op. 60

A cooperation of the Heidelberger Frühling with the artist hotel