FEIERabend at Heidelberg Materials: The JLF Project

JLF Project fotografiert von Andy Wroblewski

From the desk right into the festival; the format FEIERabend makes it possible! Enjoying music together and discovering unknown ensembles – directly after the working day. Artists whose music goes beyond classical listening habits and offers variety and fun: rhythms and melodies that get under your skin and into your legs. In between there will be time for one or the other conversation and drink.

Mixed bag! This is what defines the band sound of The JLF Project and even more so its three members. Their original compositions and sophisticated arrangements blend jazz-influenced chord progressions with casual RnB grooves and snappy drum-and-bass beats. The trio loves to play with rhythmic and harmonic experiments and to combine them with the musically known. Improvisation is a central means of shaping their music, which thus sounds alive every time and is simply fun.

Concert with intermissions
Duration approx. 2 hours

The JLF Project

Jazz band

Fathan Syahab
Electric bass

Lorenzo Huthmacher

Jonatan Schuchardt

Wir danken