Overture: Recital with music
Wiesenfeldt. Yalniz. Wang

Lecture with music to symphonic and oratorio works by Johannes Brahms for piano four hands:

Sextet No. 1 in B flat major op. 18: 1st movement

Ein Deutsches Requiem: 2. for all flesh, it is like grass

Symphony No.1: 1st and 4th movements

It is easy to forget how seldom listeners came into contact with symphonic music in the times before electronic sound recording – unless they lived in a city like Vienna and could afford regular concert attendance. Johannes Brahms was skeptical of public musical life anyway. No less important to him was the study of scores at home by knowledgeable amateurs at their own pianos. Prof. Christiane Wiesenfeldt, the Heidelberg Ordinaria of Musicology and a proven Brahms expert, will talk about the eminent importance of the arrangements of the large-scale works in Brahms' own hand for his understanding of art. There will also be excerpts from the symphonies and choral works, performed for four hands by Mert Yalniz and Dongping Wang.

The concert is part of the festival prelude "Ouvertüre", which takes place between February 16 and 18 at Hotel Der Europäische Hof Heidelberg, the artists' hotel of Heidelberger Frühling. To the other events

Event without intermission

Prof. Christiane Wiesenfeldt


Mert Yalniz


Dongping Wang


A cooperation of the Heidelberger Frühling with the artists' hotel