Liedakademie Pass

Mi 14. 6. 2023
11 Uhr

The current class of scholarship holders of the Liedakademie with 12 young singers and pianists will present themselves to the festival audience several times. With the Liedakademie Pass (70 €) you can visit all events of the Heidelberger Frühling Liedakademie in the Liedfestival 2023.

Wed 14. 6. 2023
Eugen Biser Saal
11 a.m.-1 p.m., Public Master Class I
3-5 p.m., Public Master Class II

Sat 17. 6. 2023
Aula of Alte Universität Heidelberg
2 p.m., Liedakademie Concert I: Herz-Lose
4 p.m., Liedakademie Concert II: Glücks-Lose

Sun 18. 6. 2023
Aula of Alte Universität Heidelberg
11 a.m., Workshop on Jörg Widmann "Das heiße Herz"
2 p.m., Liedakademie Concert III: Das heiße Herz

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