Lukas Sternath
Brahms: Thinker and Pilgrim

Since the ARD Music Competition 2022, in which Lukas Sternath not only won first prize but also two special prizes and the audience award, everyone has been buzzing about the young Viennese. The music festival program of the student of Igor Levit revolves around the years 1853 and 1854. Robert Schumann raved in the highest tones when Johannes Brahms played his passionate Piano Sonata in F-sharp Minor for him in Düsseldorf in 1853. A year later, he himself created his last work, the "Ghost Variations," whose chorale-like theme was said to have been sung to him by angelic voices. By the time Franz Liszt dedicated his epoch-making B minor Sonata to him in May 1854, Schumann was already in a mental hospital.

Lukas Sternath


Johannes Brahms
Sonata No. 2 in F sharp minor op. 2

Robert Schumann
Theme with Variations in E flat major WoO 24 "Ghost Variations"

Franz Liszt
"Il penseroso" from Années de Pèlerinage, Deuxième Année - Italie
Sonata in B minor