Musical Sunday
Brahms: Piano Quartets

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As if in a compositional frenzy, the 22-year-old Brahms threw himself into chamber music, and specifically into a hitherto rather neglected genre: the piano quartet. Instead of a single work, he conceived three, which together measure an entire panorama of human passions: Melancholy, despair, anger, but also exuberant joie de vivre and humor. Brahms found a convincing final version for all three pieces only after they had matured considerably. While op. 25 and 26 are among his most popular chamber music works, especially because of their "Hungarian" finales, the highly emotional, autobiographically based C minor quartet has remained an insider tip to this day.

At the Musical Sunday at the DAI Heidelberg, two enthusiasts of music will have their say and dive deep into the works with the audience: Marcus Imbsweiler publishes novels, including stories about composers; Timo Jouko Herrmann is a composer, violinist and guest conductor of the Heidelberger Sinfoniker.

Brahms' piano quartets can be heard on the following date in the Heidelberger Frühling Music Festival:


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Timo Jouko Herrmann


Marcus Imbsweiler


An event of the DAI Heidelberg in cooperation with Heidelberger Frühling