Sabine Devieilhe. Mathieu Pordoy
Homage à Vienne

Sabine Devieilhe is celebrated in the world's great opera houses as an exquisite, stylish coloratura soprano whose slender, flexible, and versatile voice is equally adept at Baroque ornamentation, Mozart's soul melos, and the magical spheres of Romantic French stage works. Her debut at the "Frühling" is a rather rare excursion of the singer into the German-language song repertoire and at the same time a declaration of love to Vienna. The program includes Mozart and Richard Strauss as well as poetic miniatures by Hugo Wolf and some youth songs by Alban Berg.

18:30 Festivalzentrum
Notenschlüssel: Concert introduction with Marcus Imbsweiler (made possible by the Freundeskreis Heidelberger Frühling e.V.)

Sabine Devieilhe


Mathieu Pordoy


Alban Berg
Selection of youth songs volume 1
Minuet in F major (piano solo)
Close my eyes both (1975) from "Ferne Lieder"
The Nightingale from "Seven Early Songs"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Come dear zither KV 351
The Violet KV 479

Hugo Wolf
Album sheet (piano solo)
Wie glänzt der helle Mond (Six poems by Keller, Alte Weisen)
Even small things can delight us (Italian songbook)
Mir ward gesagt du reisest in die Ferne (Italian songbook)
My darling is so small (Italian songbook)
Wenn du mein Liebster steigst zum Himmel (Italian Songbook)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Minuet KV 1d (piano solo)
Evening sentiment to Laura KV 523
Solfeggio KV 393

Richard Strauss
To my child, op. 37/3
Waldseligkeit, op. 49/1
Winter Harrier, op. 48/4
Träumerei (piano solo)
Your eyes, op 77/1
Cupid, op. 68/5