Museum tour with music and art
Strong images of women - tender male souls

In-depth art-historical and musical tours through the rich collections of the Kurpfälzisches Museum

The path leads from the late Middle Ages of Tilman Riemenschneider to the early modernism of Max Slevogt, from the Christian depictions of the late Gothic period to the ruler portraits of absolutism and the highly individualized portraits of the 20th century. On this museum day, human representations in song and painting explore the mystery of the "I" in history and thus the interplay between form and feeling, outside and inside, type and personality. Pointed explanations of images and atmospheric musical performances in vocal-instrumental chamber ensembles complement and stimulate each other here.

Two entertaining tours are offered. One deals with the women, the other with the men. While longer performances take place in the large and prestigious halls on the hour, the groups go their separate ways in between. Decide spontaneously which troop you want to join! The world is non-binary, as recent gender research knows: a simple dichotomy not only denies all transitions between opposites, but above all the social determinacy of gender. A walk through the museum, however, reveals all kinds of illuminating insights. The bifocal glasses, which alternately focus on one of the genders, sharpen the sense for the adventure of individual self-development - including all nuances and deviations from the binary scheme. It is always possible to switch between the two routes or join them later anyway ...

Duration: 13:00 - 16:30

Admission to the museum, including the special exhibition Art and Forgery, is included in the ticket price. Children and young people have free admission.

Eliot Quartet

Scholarship holders of the Heidelberger Frühling Liedakademie

Leonie Paulus

Luzia Ernst

Michèle Bréant

Maria Tilibtsev

Elitsa Desseva


Cole Knutson


Mikhail Timoshenko


Natascha Ziegler


4x4 Women's Choir of the Heidelberg University of Education

Heike Kiefner-Jesatko

Prof. Dr. Frieder Hepp

Director Kurpfälzisches Museum

Dr. Julia Carrasco

Head of the Paintings and Prints Collection

In cooperation with the Kurpfälzisches Museum Heidelberg