Vanessa Porter. Emil Kuyumcuyan
Spielraum Dezernat

Thu 11. 4. 2024

What has happened in the field of percussion in the past twenty years is simply spectacular. The best instrumentalists immediately understood how to play their greatest advantage to great effect: Percussion effortlessly spans instruments of the most diverse cultures and traditions. And the stylistic spectrum between archaic and avant-garde modes of expression is correspondingly open. When two of the scene's most fascinating personalities fuse their creativity, powerful discharges of energy are bound to happen. Emil Kuyumcuyan, composer, percussionist and electronic tinkerer, was born in Istanbul. He was influenced by jazz as well as by Anatolian music; today he is especially in demand in contemporary classical music. Vanessa Porter, who hails from Upper Swabia, recently toured the continent's most important halls as a "Rising Star" of the Association of European Concert Halls. Their projects on the borderline of improvisation, performance, electronics and percussion open up exciting new terrain.

Emil Kuyumcuyan


Vanessa Porter