25 Jahre Fauré Quartett

Sun 10. 4. 2022

Of course, it is the namesake Gabriel Fauré - who else should the Fauré Quartet's special love be? The top ensemble, which has been playing in unchanged formation for a quarter of a century, begins with refined, sensitive arrangements of dreamy, rapturous piano songs by the Frenchman. Before they then begin to play Fauré's popular first piano quartet, characterized by elegance and formal clarity, the four musicians present the much too little known Pendant work by Ernest Chausson, ten years younger, which is already clearly stylistically close to Debussy.

Concert with intermission.


Pianist Dirk Mommertz talks to Jörg Tröger about the quartet's 25-year-anniversary and the concert program (in German):


In cooperation with the University of Heidelberg

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.

Fauré Quartett:
Dirk Mommertz Piano
Erika Geldsetzer Violin
Sascha Frömbling Viola
Konstantin Heidrich Violoncello

notre amour:
Gabriel Fauré Claire de Lune op. 46
Les Berceaux op. 23/1
Notre Amour op. 23/2
Mandoline aus Cinq Mélodies de Venise op. 58 (arr.)
Ernest Chausson Klavierquartett A-Dur op. 30
Gabriel Fauré Klavierquartett Nr. 1 c-Moll op. 15