Sat 12. 6. 2021
Sopranistin Anne Schwanewilms fotografiert von Studioline


Anne Schwanewilms, soprano

Manuel Lange, piano

Nicole Averkamp, recitation



Hugo Wolf (1860-1903): aus den Mörike Liedern

Das verlassene Mägdlein
Wo find ich Trost?
Der Genesene an die Hoffnung

Hilde Domin: LINGUISTIK und HIER

Stefan Heucke (*1959): Dennoch (UA) - Sieben Lieder für Frauenstimme op. 94 nach Gedichten von Hilde Domin

Mit meinem Schatten
Mit leichtem Gepäck
Andere Geburt

Hilde Domin: ABEL STEH AUF

Abel steh auf
Nimm den Eimer
Unsere langen Schatten

We are pleased to present a program for the first time that commemorates the writer Hilde Domin, who lived in the lied city of Heidelberg until her death. Soprano Anne Schwanewilms, together with pianist Manuel Lange, combined a selection of Mörike songs by Hugo Wolf with the poems set to music by Hilde Domin, which sing about the processing of losses, the instability of everything earthly, but also the moments of happiness in the intense experience of nature. The world premiere of Stefan Heuke's “Yet”, a seven-song cycle based on poems by Hilde Domin, revolves around the central poem “Abel stand up”. The cycle is not just a setting of some of her poems, it is a tribute to the great writer who saw herself as the poet of »Yet« and who held on to the utopia of a better world in spite of all odds. The actress Nicole Averkamp complements the overall concept of this extraordinary evening with poetry by Hilde Domin. The 15th anniversary of Hilde Domin's death in 2021: Time for an appreciation!

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To attend the concert, proof of a daily (max. 24 hours old) negative corona test from an official test center, the vaccination certificate from 14 days after the second vaccination or proof of recovery (PCR test, medical certificate) is required. Masks are required in the house, also when seated during the concert.

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