Kammermusik Plus | Andrei Gologan

Tue 8. 3. 2022

The pianist Andrei Gologan, who lives in Salzburg, is described as a »lyricist of piano playing«. He is known for his artful touch culture and technical brilliance. All the more appropriate to experience him with Mozart's Fantasia in D minor, in which lyrical-ariosic and recitative sections alternate. Haydn's Fantasia in C major is characterized by a then new and rich palette of timbres and dynamic nuances, which the composer uses enthusiastically. With his Piano Sonata Opus 101 Beethoven opens up previously unknown areas of expression and takes a decisive step in his late work and a new epoch of music. Gologan closes the evening with a work by the composer George Enescu, who was best known as a legendary violinist. Enescu wrote his Piano Sonata Op. 24 No. 3 in D major between autumn 1932 and May 1935 – at the time when his future wife Maruca Cantacuzino was suffering from a nervous breakdown. Perhaps that is why the work shines particularly brightly, in order to escape from tragic reality.

Concert with intermission.

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.


Andrei Gologan Piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Fantasie d-Moll KV 397
Joseph Haydn Fantasie C-Dur
Ludwig van Beethoven Fantasie g-Moll op. 77
Klaviersonate A-Dur op. 101
Claude Debussy 3 Preludes aus Buch 1
George Enescu Klaviersonate D-Dur op. 24/ 3