Lieder für das Jetzt | Deutschland im Winter

Wed 30. 3. 2022

The tradition of political song poetry closely links the art song with the struggles and defeats of past centuries. In this genre, music and politics were not opposites, but in many cases an occasion and a place of action. Whether as composition, improvisation or recitation. A prelude to a present in which art is again increasingly called upon to take a stand.

The concert is part of the program »Lieder für das Jetzt« curated by Max Czollek and Daniel Gerzenberg. More»

Concert without intermission (approx. 80 min)

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.

We thank


Max Czollek Lyricism
Hagar Sharvit Vocals
Martine-Nicole Rojina Sound art & sound direction
Daniel Gerzenberg Piano & lyricism