Musik und Astronomie | Heidelberger Sinfoniker & Johannes Klumpp

Wed 30. 3. 2022

The search for harmony in music and in space. William Herschel, whose 200th anniversary of death is in 2022, combines both. This evening celebrates in word and sound a genius whose compositions and inventions are still groundbreaking today. He is the founder of modern astronomy, discovered the planet Uranus, designed and built the first large telescopes, developed the first model of the structure of our Milky Way, discovered infrared radiation, and much more. He had previously made a name for himself as a musician on violin, cello, oboe and organ, as well as a conductor and composer, composing symphonies and solo concertos that were ahead of their time with differentiated sound effects. And in everything he sought inner coherence.

Conversation concert with intermission

Jörg Tröger talks to Dr. Markus Nielbock and Johannes Klumpp about William Herschel and the concert program (in German):


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The concert will be recorded by SWR2 and broadcasted on August 25th as Mittagskonzert.

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Dr. Markus Nielbock Astrophysicist
Johannes Klumpp Conductor
Sindy Mohamed Viola
Heidelberger Sinfoniker

William Herschel
Sinfonie Nr. 12 D-Dur
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