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Tue 14. 6. 2022

Photos create memories, capture fleeting moments, influence our self-image – not just since Instagram: But perceptions have changed. Looking through a photo album together seems out of date nowadays, touchingly old-fashioned. The slide show on a family night is nearly forgotten, too. Hours on the sofa and the clicking of the slide projector have a sleep-inducing effect – until you suddenly discover yourself between landscape shots. Such a scenario is the starting point for this Lied.LAB, which takes a bow to the art song: We collected slides of Heidelberger citizens and put them in a new context with songs by Mendelssohn, Ives or Wolfgang Rihm.
The key moments of life described in these songs – the first day of school, a wedding, the beginning of a great love – are reflected in the slides, which become clear when viewed: Just like a picture, a song is able to open the window to a moment or a feeling with which every person associates something. Images, stories, and sounds come together associatively to create a nostalgic evening that allows us to dive into the depths of our own memories.

Concert without intermission (ca. 60min)


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Theresa Pilsl Soprano
Daniel Gerzenberg Piano
Vendula Nováková Director
Marie König und Malte Hemmerich Idea & Concept

Charles Edward Ives Memories
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Neue Liebe
Franz Schubert Des Fischers Liebesglück
Die Männer sind méchant!
Kurt Weill Barbara Song
Wolfgang Rihm Das Rot
George Crumb Night
Hugo Wolf Rat einer Alten
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Scheidend
William Bolcom Amor
Johannes Brahms Da unten im Tale