Neuland.Lied | Innenwelt

Sun 19. 6. 2022

The concept seems abstract, but the music is full of sensuality: »Dimensions« is the name of the three-part project with which Marlis Petersen uses song compositions to break down the spaces and times of human experience. After the »world« and the »other world«, the third part now turns to the »inner world«. That sphere, in other words, in which the visible and the tangible recede and the spiritual, the nocturnal and the stillness are to be found, while the thought of death is also never far away. »We dream of journeys through the universe: is the universe not in us?« asks Novalis, the early Romantic poet. And immediately gives the direction: »Inward goes the mysterious way; within us or nowhere is eternity with its worlds, past and future.« Some of the most expressive and touching songs from the period between late romanticism and early modernism are explored with this »inside« in mind. Marlis Petersen and Stephan Matthias Lademann have compiled four chapters and a prologue, with the middle chapters looking at the same aspect from two sides. »Bewegung im Inneren« consists of songs by Brahms, Liszt, Wolf and Reger, »Mouvement intérieur« in turn juxtaposes them with mélodies by Reynaldo Hahn, Duparc and Fauré. There is much to discover: When can we hear live performances of Lieder by the now largely forgotten masters Richard Rössler, Hans Sommer and Karl Weigl?

Concert with intermission

In cooperation with Heidelberg University


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Marlis Petersen Soprano
Stephan Matthias Lademann Piano

Lieder from Karl Weigl, Richard Strauss, Johannes Brahms, Hugo Wolf, Gustav Mahler, Hans Sommer, Max Reger, Franz Liszt, Gabriel Fauré, Reynaldo Hahn, Richard Rössler and Henri Duparc