New York Polyphony | Litanies and Lamentations

Thu 21. 4. 2022

Litanies and Lamentations: Sacred Music of the English and Franco-Flemish Renaissance takes center stage. The four singers of New York Polyphony interweave motets by William Byrd with works by John Sheppard, among others, and juxtapose them with two European premieres and other contemporary pieces - including some commissioned works. The boundaries between eras are blurred, and the beauty and impact of Renaissance music is enhanced.

Concert without intermission (approx. 75 min)

10% discount for RNZettKarte holders at this concert plus one accompanying person, at all RNZ VVK points, cannot be combined with other discounts, daily regular RNZ subscription required.

Please inform yourself about the current Corona regulations and our hygiene regulations before attending the concert.

New York Polyphony:
Geoffrey Williams Altus
Steven Caldicott Wilson Tenor
Andrew Fuchs Tenor
Craig Phillips Bass