Standpunkte.LAB | In memoriam Frederic Rzewski

Sat 2. 4. 2022

With Frederic Rzewski, art had the task of critically reflecting on current events. He used his artistic means to challenge the public with societal, political and social issues. The composer died in New York in the summer of 2021. The performance of his monumental cycle of variations »The People United Will Never Be Defeated!« by Igor Levit in 2012 is unforgettable in the history of the festival. How can today's young generation respond to this work in its musical and political dimensions? Curated by Igor Levit and the Heidelberger Frühling, the young artist Mert Yalniz takes on the original protest song together with young musicians he has chosen and creates his own work and a concert format in memory of his great role model Rzewski.

The result will be premiered that evening.

Find out more about the »Standpunkte«.

Concert with intermission

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.

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Mert Yalniz concept, piano and composition
Sara Göbel & Lisa Rauchbach violin
Daniel Schütz viola
Oskar Meier violoncello
Julia Weinberg flute
Myriam Navarri oboe
Lyuta Kobayashi clarinet
Emil Böhm french horn
Ekaterina Schmidt harp
Matti Opiola percussion

Frederic Rzewski
Parts of »The People United Will Never Be Defeated!«  for piano solo
Mert Yalniz
People-Fantasy  in sechs Episoden (Uraufführung)