Standpunkte | Levit's Late Night

Fri 1. 4. 2022

Levit’s Late Night has long been an institution at the Heidelberger Frühling and stands for an intimate encounter with artistic content and its interpreters. This time Franz Liszt and Ferruccio Busoni and their Bach arrangements are at the center of the program, which Igor Levit will contest with Cosima Soulez Larivière and Fabian Müller (both alumni of the Chamber Music Academy).

Bach's construction principles became the medium for the two composers in their search for consolation and orientation. At the end of Liszt's piano variations on »Weeping, Lamenting, Worrying, Feeling« stands - just like in Bach's Weimar cantata of the same name - the conciliatory chorale »What God does, that's probably done». The »Fantasia contrappuntistica« by Ferruccio Busoni, on the other hand, has a chorale sound right at the beginning, in order to then attempt a genuinely maximalist homage to Bach. It is as if ten fingers encompassed the whole world.

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Concert without intermission (approx. 90 min)

In cooperation with the University of Heidelberg

Please check the current Corona regulations and our hygiene rules before attending the concert.

Igor Levit Piano and moderation
Cosima Soulez Larivière Violin
Fabian Müller Piano

Ferruccio Busoni Sonate für Violine und Klavier Nr. 2 e-Moll op. 36a
Franz Liszt Variationen über den Basso continuo aus der Kantate von J.S. Bach »Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen«
Ferruccio Busoni Fantasia Contrappuntistica für zwei Klaviere