Standpunkte | The Sorabji Project II

Sat 2. 4. 2022

»Entgrenzung« (Dissolution of Limits) is the title of Igor Levit's »Standpunkte« - the culmination phase of chamber music within the Heidelberger Frühling, which he curated together with the festival.

Kaikhosru Sorabji's »Sequentia cyclica super Dies irae ex Missa pro defunctis« is one of the most absurd piano works par excellence. Written in 1948/49, the »Sequentia« existed for decades only as a myth. The composer himself considered it to be the best among his hundred or so works, but he never bothered to perform it. The largely self-taught Englishman of Parsi descent (1892-1988), composer, pianist and critic did not compose for the public anyway.

Material for nerds, then? Yes and no. Anyone who wants to listen to "Sequentia" will have to spend over eight hours on it, the equivalent of a normal working day.

British pianist Jonathan Powell, who released the first recording of the »Sequentia« on seven CDs in 2020, spent more than a decade preparing the project. As part of »Standpunkte« he will now perform the cyclopean work for the first time before German audiences at the invitation of Igor Levit, spread over five concerts.

Concert without intermission (ca. 90 min)

15€ single ticket

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Musicologist Prof. Dr. Christoph Flamm talks to Jörg Tröger about the Sorabji Project (in German):


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Jonathan Powell Piano

Kaikhosru Sorabji Sequentia Cyclica super Dies irae ex Missa pro Defunctis
Thema und Variationen 5-13